wisconsin republicans want you to die

despite the fact that there is zero evidence of widespread voter fraud due to mail in voting, wisconsin republicans are fighting to the supreme court the allowing of a seven day window to accept mail-in ballots. this seven day window would "upend a key aspect of wisconsin's election less than a week before election day". every single thing in our entire world has been upended. in fact, terrible human speaker of the wisconsin house robin vos's wife has been spouting all over facebook that we're taking this *too* far. new york city is now preparing to temporarily bury coffins in public part but robin vos's wife says we need to re-open the economy! these conservatives are writing death sentences. they're not naive to think that at least one person, more than likely it will be thousands, are going to die because we're holding this election. they know this will happen, and they don't care, because if fewer people vote, the higher chance of republicans winning a supreme court seat.

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wisconsin republicans accomplish the impossible

in a stunning move of incompetence and with a lack of leadership not seen since my high school soccer team, which won conference freshman year and never won a single regional game at varsity level, w