Won and One

The Brewers beat the Cubs today in a very Brewers way today. Brent Suter bridged Corbin Burnes in relief and by the time they'd finished they had a quality start between the two of them and the Brewers were winning 6-3.

I was hoping to see Jon Lester tomorrow and see Gyorko at third but Tyler Chatwood is the probable starter. I'm curious how Counsell treats the lineup card on getaway day in a 60 game season. How many days off is Narvaez going to get? With the addition of the DH, pinch hitters have been hardly necessary and as such, Logan Morrison and Jedd Gyorko have combined for zero at bats through the first two games.

Yelich's dinger was 110 mph off the bat and a 33 degree launch angle and a thing of beauty.

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